Saturday, November 10, 2012

If I were a judge: Miss Colombia 2012

The Senorita Colombia Pageant will take place on November 12. 24 young ladies are competing for the crown. Traditionally the winner of this pageant goes to Miss Universe while the runner-up goes to Miss International. There is a possibility that the Senorita Colombia organizers might get the Miss World franchise but it's unsure if that has happened, and if that happened if a delegate for Miss World will be selected at this pageant or a separate pageant. The field is not very strong this year but here goes - if I were a judge:

Senorita Colombia 2012: Miss San Andres, Laura Archbold
1st runner-up: Miss Atlantico, Yuliana Mejia Restrepo
2nd runner-up: Miss Caqueta, Yeny Andrea Gonzalez
3rd runner-up: Miss Guajira, Daniela Vega Mendoza
4th runner-up: Miss Cartagena, Elida Castro
Miss Cauca, Maria Alejandra Valencia
Miss Huila, Cindy Lorena Hermida Aguilar

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