Friday, November 9, 2012

If I were a judge: Manhunt International 2012

Manhunt International 2012 will take place later today in Bangkok. This is the first time that Thailand hosted this event and even though it was only a 9 day event, kudos should be given to the organizers for putting a lot of effort into the event. The quality of delegates were also generally much better than last year's. Who will succeed Chen Jiang Feng to be crowned the 2012 Manhunt International?! If I were a judge:

Manhunt International 2012: Sweden
1st runner-up: Singapore
2nd runner-up: Greece
3rd runner-up: Bahamas
4th runner-up: Germany
TOP 10

6th place: Australia

7th place: Puerto Rico

8th place: Thailand

9th place: Dominican Republic

10th place: America

Top 15

11th place: Switzerland

12th place: Macau

13th place: Belgium

14th place: Philippines

15th place: China


Photos: Haruehun Airry / Manhunt International

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