Saturday, November 24, 2012

Czech Republic wins Miss Earth 2012

The new Miss Earth is 23 year old Tereza Fajksova from the Czech Republic. She beat 79 other delegates to become the 12th Miss Earth. The 1.8m stunner was crowned at the conclusion of an event held at the Versailles Palace close to Manila in the Philippines. She will now represent the Miss Earth Organization, Carousel Productions, for the next 12 months.
Queen of the Earth: Miss Earth 2012 is Miss Czech Republic
The home favorite, Miss Philippines Stephany Stefanowitz was named Miss Earth Air (which many people see as the runner-up title).
Last two standing: Philippines and Czech Republic

The Miss Earth Water title went to Miss Venezuela, Osmariel Villalobos. Miss Earth Fire is Miss Brazil, Camila Brant. The two titles are commonly regarded as the 2nd and 3rd runner-up positions. The Miss Earth Organizers insist that the elemental titles are equal.
Venezuela is Miss Water
Brazil is Miss Fire
The top 8 were completed by the delegates from South Africa, Russia, Nepal, and the U.S.A.

I won: Miss Czech Republic reacts after being named Miss Earth
Germany, Korea, Italy, Mexico, Scotland, Costa Rica, Poland, and Japan completed the top 16. One of the biggest shocks of the night was the exclusion of mega favorite, Miss Thailand.

Passing on the Crown: The new Miss Earth is hugged by the previous
title holder, Olga Alava from Ecuador. Tereza Fajksova is the 12 Miss Earth.
Finally!!!!!!! They crowned an absolute stunner. I love her. She did not know the answer but her beauty was just too hard to ignore. She is a very, very worthy winner. I will be looking forward to following her reign. Not happy with Philippines being second. She should not have been in the top 4. Venezuela and Brazil were gorgeous. South Africa or Russia could easily have replaced Philippines in the top 4. There were many shocks in the top 16. So many stunners were left out but at least they got the winner right. Well done, Tereza Fajksova and the Czech Republic!!!


  1. Why asian countries have that idea of placing them just because they are the host, that is so wrong, leaving well deserve girls out. I wish they could dethrone Philippines cuz she is not pretty, enough with contest held in Philippines, they are just crazy and unfair!!

  2. Tereza is one of my most favourite winners of Miss of the Czech Republic. She's as gorgeous as our only Miss World Taťána Kuchařová.=)