Thursday, October 4, 2012

If I were a judge: Miss Serbia 2012

24 young ladies from all over Serbia are currently preparing to compete for the Miss Serbia 2012 crown. The winner will be chosen at Porto Carras on October 7th. This year, there are several stunners and if the judges choose correctly, Serbia could do very well internationally. I do find Serbian girls really stunning. I am often surprised that they are always overlooked, like this year at Miss World, for example. Miss Serbia was definitely one of the most beautiful girls there. I guess it all comes down to presence, will, and determination. Who will be the next Miss Srbije?! If I were a judge:

Miss Srbije 2012 (to Miss World 2013): Ivona Simon
1st runner-up: (Miss Universe Serbia 2013): Milica Sokolovic
2nd runner-up: Amanda Manasievski
3rd runner-up: Monika Stracinska
4th runner-up: Zana Cmiljanovic
Marina Nektarijevic
Jovana Nikolic
Photos: Miss Srbije Facebook Page

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  1. I was a Judge at the Miss World Serbia competition this year and as you know the TV show was live 2 nights ago. Although your choices were excellent the choices were very difficult as all the girls were very beautiful and I agree with you completely that it is a pity that Serbian girls are not more successful in teh Miss world finals. Thank you however for your kind comments.
    Barrington Roy Schiller.