Sunday, September 30, 2012

Miss Lebanon 2012: Twins take top 2 places

The new Miss Lebanon has been crowned. 21 year old Rina Chibany was crowned Miss Lebanon 2012. Her twin sister Romy Chibany was named the first runner-up. Rina Chibany will represent Lebanon at the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chibany is also expected to represent her country at Miss World 2013 in Indonesia. She stands 1.78m tall. Krystel Loufti was named the second runner-up. Elsa-Maria Stephan and Joanne Semaan completed the top five.
The new Miss Lebanon is stunning!!! She will do very well at Miss Universe! And what an amazing story - twins taking the top 2 places. I love it!!!

Photos: Miss Lebanon Facebook Page

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  1. I'm not saying that these girls are not gorgeous, but as a foreigner living in Lebanon I think: How can you single out one person to represent this country? I've been around the world, but I have never seen as much beauty as I do in Lebanon. It's crazy! And to be honest, I think that I see girls way more beautiful than the winner of Miss Lebanon sort of EVERY DAY.

    Hehe... However, I was never so much into beauty myself until this one random girl asked me if she could set up a beauty blog on my blog. I went like, what??

    But now I can't have enough of beauty and fashion readings. It's the most enjoyable out there, really.

    Anyways, thanks for blogging, and check out my guest blogger Meghan O. if you like ;)

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