Thursday, June 28, 2012

If I were a judge: Miss World China 2012

The 2012 Miss China Pageant takes place on June 30. 39 gorgeous young women from all over China are competing for the title. The winner will not only be competing for the 62nd Miss World title but also have the added bonus of being the host delegate. The ladies are gorgeous and choosing the top 10 was extremely hard. There is so much potential in this group. If I were a judge:

Miss World China 2012: Yu Wen-Xia
1st runner-up: Ma Ya Zhen
2nd runner-up: Miao Ting
3rd runner-up: Liu Xiao Meng
4th runner-up: Liu Hui Zhu
6th place: Xu Qing Mei
7th place: Gu Ye Fan
8th place: Yang Jiali
9th place: Zou Ming Yue
10th place: Tsai Qi Yao

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