Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If I were a judge: Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011

The pageant take place in just a few hours at the Seoul Plaza in Seoul, Korea. If I were a judge:
Miss Global Beauty Queen 2011 - Australia
Miss Australia
1st runner-up: Costa Rica
Miss Costa Rica
2nd runner-up: Thailand
Miss Thailand
3rd runner-up: Albania
Miss Albania
4th runner-up: Ukraine
Miss Ukraine
Top 15
Vietnam (People's Choice)                      Brazil
Miss Vietnam                   Miss Brazil
Canada                                                          Cameroon
Miss Canada                     Miss Cameroon
Malaysia                                                       Northern Ireland
Miss Malaysia                    Miss Northern Ireland
India                                                               South Africa
Miss India                     Miss South Africa
Poland                                                             Sweden
Miss Poland                     Miss Sweden
Serbia                                        France                                  Germany
Miss Serbia             Miss France           Miss Germany

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