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If I were a judge: Miss World 2012

The 62nd Miss World Pageant took place on August 18 at the Dongsheng Fitness Stadium Center in Ordos, China. This year, there was great anticipation as the pageant took place before Miss Universe. The host city Ordos spent a lot of money on making the event an unforgettable one and Miss World fever was spreading like a wildfire. Even some of the haters of the pageant seemed to become interested... well, that was until the results were read. Anyway, I am not going to discuss that in more detail now.
This year we had a great group of beauties and there were some girls who just absolutely shined from the very start and then some others who started gaining ground as the final stretch came into sight. In a large group like this one, it is inevitable that some beauties will be overlooked. But when some totally average girls make it, us fans get a bit disappointed. This is often the case at Miss World. The results don't always make sense.

The day before the pageant, Eye For Beauty Blog released  our final list of favorites. Miss China had lead our Stair Way to the Crown from the beginning and for the final one, we replaced her with Miss Wales. So our 15 favorites for the crown were:
1) Wales 2) China 3) Australia 4) Brazil 5) South Sudan 6) Mexico 7) Jamaica
8) Philippines 9) Colombia 10) Poland 11) Ukraine 12) Guadeloupe 13) Turkey 14) Nepal and 15) Spain.

Watch the announcement of the official Miss World top 15 here:
As you can see, the judges agreed with 9 of other top 15 and opted to include the delegates from India, England, the United States, the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Kenya instead of Colombia, Poland, Ukraine, Guadeloupe, Turkey, and Nepal. We found the exlusion of the delegates from Poland, Guadeloupe, and Nepal the most heartbreaking.

Then it was time for the top 15 round:
After this round, I would have scored the candidates as follows:

Kenya 63: It was disheartening to see Miss Kenya place ahead of other African stunners like the Seychelles, Gabon, Cote D'Ivoire, and even Nigeria. She looked out of place in the top 15 and the only explanation I have for her inclusion was that it was a nod to the Kenyans for their hospitality when the Miss World delegation visited the country earlier during the year.

Indonesia 74: I really like Miss Indonesia. She was my favorite to win the crown and I always had her as one of the top 30. Yes, she was pretty but she was not spectacular enough to be one of the top 15 ahead of some other favorites. I think the fact that they are hosting next year helped her a little bit.

Netherlands 75: Nathalie den Decker has always been a favorite of mine but I thought she had faded a bit at this contest. Her inclusion was not as shocking as some of the other choices but it would have been nice to see the gorgeous Miss Poland do better. Still, Nathalie did well and I was happy for her. She is a pageant pro after all.

United States 70: I was shocked that United States made the final 15. She seemed to ooze charm and personality but she was a bit of a plain Jane. I thought she'd perhaps crack top 30 but never in a million years thought that she'd go this far.

Philippines 83: Queenie was not my favorite for the Miss World Philippines title and I thought she looked a bit mature at this pageant. But on the final night, she actually surprised me by looking REALLY good. I was impressed.

Spain 80: Miss Spain was another favorite of mine who faded a bit. At times she just looked too mature. Her inclusion did make sense though. She was strong throughout.

Brazil 84: Facially, she was not one of my favorites. But there was definitely something about this girl. She had the IT factor and she really radiated on stage. She was so cool, calm, and collected even though you could sense her happiness to just be there.

England 76: I never saw this one coming either. Miss England's inclusion was another shocker. I definitely thought only one from the British Isles would make it. She looked good on the final night though. Not your typical beauty queen but definitely not a horror.

South Sudan 92: Atong Demach is tall, elegant, and she had the Miss World aura. She impressed me throughout the competition and she definitely did not disappoint on the final night.

Wales 93: Sophie Mould is by FAR the best delegate Wales has sent in AGES. She looked perfect on the final night... like a doll.

China PR 88: I loved Miss China from the start and from the moment she was crowned, I said she could and should be the next Miss World. On this night, I felt that her performance was a bit lacklustre. She missed spark. I still liked her but I was a bit disappointed.

Jamaica 78: I'll probably be shot for this but I just did not get her and I was very disappointed that she placed ahead of Miss Guadeloupe. I think her personality must have helped her a lot. On the other hand, when I saw the video message Julia Morley sent to the Miss Jamaica World Pageant congratulating the country on their 50th I knew that Jamaic would not be ignored. I loved Miss Jamaica's gorgeous gold gown though.

Australia 87: Australia was another girl who remained a firm favorite of mine and she did not disappoint on the night. She looked stunning in her purple gown.

Mexico 91: What a beauty!!! Mariana is such a gorgeous girl. In my opinion, she was probably the most beautiful girl on stage that night.

India 82: Vanya had lots of charisma but I've seen far more beautiful and well-spoken women from India. She did look extremely confident though and she commanded the stage.

After this round my ranking would have been:
15) Kenya, 14) United States, 13) Indonesia, 12) Netherlands, 11) England, 10) Jamaica, 9) Spain, 8) India, 7) Philippines, 6) Brazil, 5) Australia, 4) China PR, 3) Mexico, 2) South Sudan, 1) Wales. So, my top 7 would have been Wales, South Sudan, Mexico, China, Australia, Brazil, and the Philippines. The judges agreed with 5 of my choices and decided to let India and Jamaica advance ahead of Mexico and Philippines.

Then it was time for the top 7 to speak and tell the world why they should be the next Miss World:
This is how I would have scored them:

Jamaica 73: She spoke well but beauty wise she was not one of my top choices.
South Sudan 98: At this point, this girl just stole my heart. This is what a Miss World should sound like. She was flawless and I had goosebumps. This is how you nail it. It was beautiful and sincere.
India 76: She didn't really impress me that much with what she was saying but she did not disappoint either. She was just outshined by more beautiful women beauty wise.
Australia 74: I was a bit disappointed with her speech. It lacked depth.
Brazil 75: Once again, Miss Brazil delivered. She just seemed so nice and sincere.
China 82: You can't argue with the face that Miss China is a beauty but I just found her a bit bland on the night. She lost the WOW factor on the night for me. I also did not like her dress and styling. They were trying to turn her into Zhilin 2.0. And obviously it worked for them but it did not work for me.
Wales 84: Still a doll and she would have been a great Miss World too but no one compare to Atong after that final speech of hers.

So my results would have been: (Real results in bold in brackets)
6th runner-up: Jamaica (Real placement: 5th runner-up)
5th runner-up: Australia (Real placement: 2nd runner-up)
4th runner-up: Brazil (Real placement: 4th runner-up)
3rd runner-up: India (Real placement: 6th runner-up)
2nd runner-up: China PR (Real placement: MISS WORLD 2012)
1st runner-up: Wales (Real placement: 1st runner-up)

My Miss World 2012 would have been:

Miss South Sudan, Atong Demach

But the judges disagreed and Wenxia Yu from China is Miss World 2012. Congratulations to Wenxia and China and we wish her all the very best for her year of reign.

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  1. *Claps*

    Atong is the real queen. Julia Morley has been in trouble for years and she could have really redeemed herself by picking Atong. Now the morale of this pageant is at an all time low. I really pray that Atong competes in Miss Universe.