Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If I were a judge: Miss Universe Guyana 2012

The 2012 Miss Universe Guyana Pageant will take place on September 15. 11 delegates are competing for the crown and the opportunity to represent Guyana at th 2012 Miss Universe Pageant. The current Miss Universe, Angola's Leila Lopes, will be present at the event to help select Guyana's Miss Universe representative. Who will wear the crown?! If I were a judge:

Miss Universe Guyana 2012: Nikita Barker
1st runner-up: Sadhna Yunus
2nd runner-up: Faydena King
3rd runner-up: Shameka Jones
4th runner-up: Melinda Singh
Drusilla Johnson


  1. Stupseee. How did you come up with these results? You clearly judge people based on looks. I thought the queen had to be an all-rounder. After last night it clear that the fore-runners are Ruqayyah Boyer and Sadhna Yunus. The rest need to simply drop out the competition. Your queen, Ms. Niketa Barker, has NO presence. She has no personality and speaks like a 4 year old. Faydeha King left Essequibo, but Essequibo has not left her. She is the epitome of the word "ghetto". Her grammar is atrocious! Melind Singh and Drusilla both need some public speaking classes. They were sloppy and inaudible most of the time. Someone needs to pull the plug on this pageant. As Lumumba said in his introduction last night, its just 'another day, another dollar' for him.

  2. Yes, of course I base it on beauty. Miss Universe is a BEAUTY pageant. Not a personality contest. Your comments are very mean. Maybe instead of breaking these girls down, you should train them with your "obvious" expertise and know-it-all superior attitude. It takes a lot of courage for these girls to go on stage and compete.

  3. I can't agree with you more Andre..BAEAUTY Pageant..local judges tend to forget that,faces are seen before brains, while what anonymous says has some merit, mean as it may sound, its not the girls fault..I blame the promoters, they take these girls and stick them in the spotlight with no training whatsoever. And these girls need to view what they are about to do as more than just winnning a free trip to some exotic location..This is a job and a very serious one at that.And like anon says its 'just another day,another dollar' sad but true..the franchise should go to people like the organizers of the local segment of the Miss India World Wide..hell they already captured their first international crown, in the few years they have been doing their thing..Just sayingm:) PS I like thee way Ms. Barker looks too.

  4. First of all you all are quite mistaken because Leila was not the prettiest girl in miss universe 2011 she was pretty but there was something more, for the other 2 black girls that won miss universe they weren't all that but they won the pageant goes to show these people look for something more, it's in the eyes of the girl and Quite Frankly you guys are too biased and seem a strange perception on beauty niketa is pretty Yes But so is Miss Boyer she's Black Beauty and you saying who you would have choosen wouldn't change the fact that she is queen,so cut thew Bull and show Your Support! PS That first runner up girl don't look anything like that in person smh!