Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If I were a judge: Miss Universe Brazil 2012

The 2012 Miss Universe Brazil Pageant will take place on September 29 at the Cearain Fortaleza. 27 delegates are competing for the crown. The winner will represent Brazil at the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant in December. The Miss Brasil Pageant is known for it's scandals and bizarre results. This year is no exception, even though new organizers have taken over. It is rumored that Miss Rio de Janeiro has the crown in the big. She competed before, in 2007, and she was the runner-up. Usually contestants are not allowed to return but the rules were changed this year! Do I agree with this. DEFINITELY NOT! I am in favor of free and fair results. If I were a judge:

Miss Brasil 2012 (Miss Universe Brazil): Miss Rio Grande do Norte, Kelly Fonseca

1st runner-up: Miss Amazonas, Vivian Amorim
2nd runner-up: Miss Rio Grande do Sul, Gabriela Markus  
3rd runner-up: Miss Distrito Federal, Priscilla Rao

4th runner-up: Miss Santa Catarina, Manoella Deschamps

Top 12
6th place: Miss Rio de Janeiro, Rayanne Morais
7th place: Miss Goias, Aaron Noleto
8th place: Miss Paraiba, Natalia Oliviera
9th place: Miss Minas Gerais, Thiessa Sickert
10th place: Miss Parana, Alessandra Bernadi
11th place: Miss Sergipe, Evlyn Fontes

 12th place: Miss Pernambuco, Paula Luck
Miss Sao Paulo, Francine Pantaleao
 Miss Rondonia, Michele Martinez

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  1. if the rumours are true miss rio de janeiro would make a great winner. she is the best. she was a runner up 5 years ago which shows she has what it takes to win.