Saturday, September 15, 2012

Belarus wins Miss Supranational 2012

Katsyariana Buraya (23) beat 52 other delegates in Warsaw, Poland last night to be crowned the 4th Miss Supranational. The 1.77m beauty was crowned by outgoing titleholder, Poland's Monika Lewczuk. The first runner-up was hot favorite, Thailand's Nanthawan Wannachutha, while another favorite for the crown, Michaela Dihlová from the Czech Republic, was named the second runner-up. Miss Philippines, Elaine Kay Moll, was the third runner-up, and Miss Ecuador, Sulay Castillo, was the fourth runner-up.

The rest of the top 20 were the delegates from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, England, France, Honduras, Iceland, Panama, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, and Suriname.

Miss South Africa, Michelle Gildenhuys, was named Queen of Africa. The Continental Queen of the Americas was Miss Panama, Elissa Estrada, while Miss Vietnam, Lai Huong Thao, was named Asia's Continental Cueen. Julia Proponenko, Miss Denmark, was named Europe's Continental Queen.

The winner is not exactly my cup of tea but the results were not overly questionble. In general, I'm quite happy with the results. Ecuador was a great surprise. I would have been happier if Thailand had won. The top 20 also made sense - it seemed like a fair selection. Misses France and England were surprises for me but they both looked good. So happy that Suriname made it. I liked her a lot but I was afraid that her tatoo might prevent her from entering the top 20.

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