Friday, August 17, 2012

Miss World 2012 Review: St. Kitts and Nevis - Uganda

The 62nd Miss World will be crowned this Saturday, August 18th, at the Dongsheng Fitness Stadium Center in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. 116 amazing young ladies are competing to become the next Miss World. Ordos welcomed the girls with open arms and it seems like they are going all out to show the world what they can done. The stage is looking amazing and the opening ceremony looked fantastic with all the traditional dancers and the huge LED screens. I hope we will be treated with a grand and exciting final night. The contest was very long again... four weeks! I am sure the girls must be exhausted by now but I also know it has been a fantastic experience for them. It was hard to follow the contest at times as the girls rarely wear their sashes. To know who's who, you have to be able to either recognize them or be able to decipher what's written on those small name tags. The groups is so strong this year, though, that it is almost impossible to say who will be the next Miss World. There are so many gorgeous and deserving young ladies and I wish them all good luck and the very best in life!!!

***** In the running for a spot in the top 7
**** Potential top 15 semi-finalist
*** Could be in the top 30
** Will possibly miss the cut
* Very likely to miss the cut

Here's what I think:

ST. KITTS AND NEVIS: Markysa O’Loughlin *
Markysa is extremely well-spoken and of course talented too. Her talent performance was a great hit with the crowd watching the Talent final in Ordos.

SURINAME: Stefanie Grace Gentle *
Suriname rarely gets much notice and are not often considered one of the front-runners and this year is, unfortunately, not much different than other years.

SWEDEN: Sanna Jinnedal **
I am actually surprised by how well Sanna has done. I thought she would go completely unnoticed but she got so much attention in the challenge events and might even win Miss World Sports. I actually like her more with her hair pulled back like in the Top Model final. She definitely did much better than I thought.

TANZANIA: Lisa Jensen *
Lisa is pretty but she did not really stand out that much. In fact, I think if she had more time to prepare for the contest, she could have much more of an impact.

THAILAND: Vanessa Herrmann *
Thailand has some of the most stunning girls (and ladyboys) in the world. That’s why I’m so disappointed by their delegate. She must be one of the weakest I’ve seen from Thailand in a long time.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Athaliah Samuel *
Here’s another country that usually competes strongly and has done quite well in the past that did not send the strongest possible contender. Better luck next year to them.

TURKEY: Acalya Danoglu ****
Everyone says Miss Wales looks like Kate Middleton but I think this girl looks even more like the stunning Duchess of Cambridge. Turkey chose well this year. This girl has the height, the elegance and the effortless beauty that I adore and appreciate. I am rooting for her to be at least in the top 15 and possibly even top 7.

UGANDA: Phiona Bizzu *
In my opinion, Uganda did not send their strongest delegate ever. So, I don’t think that she will place. She actually looked better in China than I anticipated.


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