Friday, August 17, 2012

Miss World 2012 Review: Norway - Scotland

The 62nd Miss World will be crowned this Saturday, August 18th, at the Dongsheng Fitness Stadium Center in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. 116 amazing young ladies are competing to become the next Miss World. Ordos welcomed the girls with open arms and it seems like they are going all out to show the world what they can done. The stage is looking amazing and the opening ceremony looked fantastic with all the traditional dancers and the huge LED screens. I hope we will be treated with a grand and exciting final night. The contest was very long again... four weeks! I am sure the girls must be exhausted by now but I also know it has been a fantastic experience for them. It was hard to follow the contest at times as the girls rarely wear their sashes. To know who's who, you have to be able to either recognize them or be able to decipher what's written on those small name tags. The groups is so strong this year, though, that it is almost impossible to say who will be the next Miss World. There are so many gorgeous and deserving young ladies and I wish them all good luck and the very best in life!!!

***** In the running for a spot in the top 7
**** Potential top 15 semi-finalist
*** Could be in the top 30
** Will possibly miss the cut
* Very likely to miss the cut

Here's what I think:

NORWAY: Karoline Olsen **
I was happy to see that someone in Norway picked up the franchise so soon after the old organization in that country dropped it. Karoline did well under the circumstances, especially in the Talent section. I don’t think it will be enough to place though. There are just too many super beauties in the European region.

PANAMA: Maricely Gonzalez ***
At times she looks quite average but when she’s glammed up and at her best, she looks amazing. She definitely made me look twice a few times. Even though she looks great at times, there are some other stunners in her region that will probably outperform her. HOWEVER, from the video clips, I quite loved her personality so she might be a spoiler.

PARAGUAY: Fiorella Migliore ***
I was super excited about this girl and I had her as one of the top contenders. To be honest, I was quite disappointed when I saw her photos in China. It seems like she has an amazing personality and that she’s a super nice and intelligent girl but at times I felt like she was not even competing. She tends to go for a very natural look, so natural that it sometimes looks like she’s not even wearing makeup. That kind of made her “pale” in comparison to the others… literally! She still has a shot at placing in the top 30 though.

PERU: Guiliana Zevallos **
Guiliana is not what I would call the Miss World type of beauty. She has a sexier look and a fierceness that is much better suited for the Miss Universe Pageant. At that pageant, she was named as a possible finalist… here she has an outsider’s chance, I’d say.

The Philippines has a contender for the crown for the second year running. Queenie has done extremely well in the challenge events and she is said to be gorgeous, glamorous, elegant, and well-spoken. I would not be surprised to see her take it all this Saturday evening. It won’t do her harm that she has the national director that she has and that her director has expressed a keen interest in hosting the Miss World Pageant in the Philippines in the not too distant future. If it is not this year for the Philippines, it might be within the next three years!

POLAND: Weronika Szmajdrinkska *****
Miss Poland is a real stunner. She is such a naturally gorgeous girl who can transform into a very sexy young lady within seconds. She is the best representative from her country in a long time. I am afraid she might be a tad too sexy-looking for Miss World but I hope to see more of her in other pageants if she does not win this title. She’s a contender for the Queen of Europe Award though.

PORTUGAL: Melanie Vincente ***
Melanie is not what I would call stunningly beautiful but she is a very striking girl and she did not put a foot wrong in China. She gave it her all and performed well in Sports and Beach Beauty. She is actually one of my pleasant surprises of the competition.

PUERTO RICO: Janelee Chaparro ****
Janelee had an amazing transformation and went from a pretty girl to a stunning young woman. Honestly, Puerto Rican girls always show up at every pageant ready to fight for the crown. I won’t say Janelee is the best from her country, in fact I liked the 2010 and 2011 delegates more. She has a good chance to be in the top 15 though.

RUSSIA: Elizaveta Golovanova **
Russia is one of those countries that send the most stunning girls year after year. Well, this year is kind of an exception. I am not blown away by Elizaveta. She is not breathtakingly stunning but I would not say she is horrid either. If I have to sum it up, I would say she is a good-looking girl but a disappointment from Russia.

SCOTLAND: Nicole Treacy *
Of the four UK delegates, I think Nicole is the weakest. Scotland has become known for sending amazing girls over the last few years who have either made the cut, just missed the cut, or should have done better than what their actual placements were. This year, I am a bit disappointed by their choice. She is not horrible looking but I’ve seen much stronger girls from Scotland in the past.


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