Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miss World 2012 Review: Iceland - Kenya

The 62nd Miss World will be crowned this Saturday, August 18th, at the Dongsheng Fitness Stadium Center in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. 116 amazing young ladies are competing to become the next Miss World. Ordos welcomed the girls with open arms and it seems like they are going all out to show the world what they can done. The stage is looking amazing and the opening ceremony looked fantastic with all the traditional dancers and the huge LED screens. I hope we will be treated with a grand and exciting final night. The contest was very long again... four weeks! I am sure the girls must be exhausted by now but I also know it has been a fantastic experience for them. It was hard to follow the contest at times as the girls rarely wear their sashes. To know who's who, you have to be able to either recognize them or be able to decipher what's written on those small name tags. The groups is so strong this year, though, that it is almost impossible to say who will be the next Miss World. There are so many gorgeous and deserving young ladies and I wish them all good luck and the very best in life!!!

***** In the running for a spot in the top 7
**** Potential top 15 semi-finalist
*** Could be in the top 30
** Will possibly miss the cut
* Very likely to miss the cut

Here's what I think:

ICELAND: Iris Jonsdottir *
Miss Iceland is pretty but I have seen much stronger delegates from her country who were left clapping. She is also fairly short so I highly doubt that she’ll make an impact. The European group is strong.

INDIA: Vanya Mishra ***
Vanya has a very regal elegance as many other Miss Indias do. I am sure her interview was great so she definitely stands in line to enter the top 30 at least. I do feel that Nepal is much stronger but hey this lady has the powerful INDIA sash going for her. I am sure she’ll be up there.

INDONESIA: Ines Tjiptadi ***
Ines is super cute and she has a really gorgeous face. She is one of a host of delegates who can place in the top 30. Her height might count against her but on the other hand Indonesia will host next year and that might send a few valuable points in her direction.

IRELAND: Rebecca Maguire ***
Rebecca is truly gorgeous and Irish beauties have done quite well in recent years. If she displayed the right “Miss World attitude” and she aced the interview, she could far in the contest. She’s definitely a stunner and has the Miss World type of beauty. She was my choice for the Miss Ireland last year and this year, so I really hope she does well.

ISRAEL: Shani Haznan ***
I expected so much from this girl but I was left a bit disappointed. Yes, she is tall and striking, but something is missing. I liked her more when she won her national title and I’m not sure what happened. Between her and Miss Turkey (many say they have similar looks), I preferred Turkey. I do expect Shani to be somewhere in or close to the top 30 though.

ITALY: Jessica Bellinghieri **
There is no denying that Miss Italy is gorgeous. That being said, she has not really shone much at all during the last few weeks. She looks gorgeous on photos, yes, but she lacked presence and at times seemed a bit disinterested in the whole thing. She could do well in Beach Beauty though!

JAMAICA: Deanna Robins *****
Deanna seems to be a huge favorite of the Miss World Organization and she’s definitely this year’s Challenge Event Queen. She seems to be the overwhelming favorite for the Queen of the Caribbean title and a place in the top 7 is on the cards for sure.

JAPAN: Nozomi Igarashi ***
Japan sent a very well-rounded and elegant young lady this year. She seems to not have put a foot wrong. The Asian region is very strong but she’s holding her own. I would not be surprised to see her in the top 30.

KAZAKHSTAN: Evgeniya Klishina ****
Sometimes the Miss World Organization really surprises me. When I saw who will be representing Kazakhstan this year, I thought she had no hope at all. I was convinced that she’s just not the typical Miss World type. But there seems to be a lot of love for her from the organization. A top 15 placement could be on the cards.

KENYA: Shamim Fauz Ali *
Kenya usually has good Beauty With A Purpose projects. So, I’m expecting Shamim to score some points there. Other than that, I think there are some other girls from her region who will place ahead of her.


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