Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Miss World 2012 Review: Ecuador - Georgia

The 62nd Miss World will be crowned this Saturday, August 18th, at the Dongsheng Fitness Stadium Center in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. 116 amazing young ladies are competing to become the next Miss World. Ordos welcomed the girls with open arms and it seems like they are going all out to show the world what they can done. The stage is looking amazing and the opening ceremony looked fantastic with all the traditional dancers and the huge LED screens. I hope we will be treated with a grand and exciting final night. The contest was very long again... four weeks! I am sure the girls must be exhausted by now but I also know it has been a fantastic experience for them. It was hard to follow the contest at times as the girls rarely wear their sashes. To know who's who, you have to be able to either recognize them or be able to decipher what's written on those small name tags. The groups is so strong this year, though, that it is almost impossible to say who will be the next Miss World. There are so many gorgeous and deserving young ladies and I wish them all good luck and the very best in life!!!

***** In the running for a spot in the top 7
**** Potential top 15 semi-finalist
*** Could be in the top 30
** Will possibly miss the cut
* Very likely to miss the cut

Here's what I think:

ECUADOR: Cipriana Correira **

Iliked her a lot initially but as the contest progressed she faded quite a bit for me. I do not think she will be able to catch the front-runners or even the spoilers at this stage of the game.
EL SALVADOR: Maria Luisa Vicuna *
El Salvador rarely gets noticed in international competitions and I think this year will be no exception. Their delegate is forgettable. Not horrible… but forgettable.

ENGLAND: Charlotte Holmes **
I was so looking forward to the Miss England results but was quite shocked to see Charlotte win. Only after her win did I find out she was on Britain’s Next Top Model. As the weeks went by, she grew on me and I think she looks very good when she’s glammed up. She probably more suited to be a model than a beauty queen but she’s done well representing her country and I love her story about being a IVF baby.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA: Jennifer Riveiro ***
I did not rate her chances at all first but she’s got something that makes you look twice. At her best, she looks stunning but sometimes when her styling is off she can look a bit odd. I think she has a striking resemblance to Joan Ramagoshi who was Miss South Africa 2003 but obviously a younger prettier version. She could be one of the top 2 in the African region. It’s also the first time that her country is competing and that might give her an extra edge.

ETHIOPIA: Melkam Endale **
I had high hopes when I first saw her photos but it seems that she got lost in the crowd. She did not wow me as much in Ordos as some other stunners in her region. It seems like she is quite demure. I did see some gorgeous photos of her but also some that made me wonder if she’s experienced enough to do well.

FIJI: Koini Vakaloloma ***
All eyes were on Fiji due to the horrible and stretched out drama about the results there. Koini ended up representing her country at Miss World and she has done a great job in Ordos. She has a great wardrobe and she looked stylish and elegant at all times. Her exotic beauty might just grab the attention of some of the judges and she could end up in the top 30.

FINLAND: Sabina Sarkka **
Sabina has beautiful blue eyes and she looks quite good with her hair back. Her body is also amazing. She’s not the most beautiful girl from Finland I’ve seen but she’s definitely not horrendous. I don’t think she will place though and I’m hoping for a Finnish stunner to come along again soon!

FRANCE: Delphine Wespiser **
A lot of people adore Miss France. I did not like her crowning photos but I was impressed with her transformation after that and thought she could do well at Miss World. It seems like she has opted for a darker shade of red as her hair color for Miss World. I don’t think that has done anything for her. In general, I think she was just overshadowed by some other beauties.

GABON: Marie Noelle Ada Meyo **
Miss Gabon was another one of my pre-pageant favorites who seems to have faded. I still like her a lot and I’ll be overjoyed if she does well but I was disappointed with some of her styling choices. And I also think she wears her hair back too much. Maybe she’ll have some beginner’s luck and give her a country a placement during their first time at Miss World.

GEORGIA: Salome Khomeriki *
I loved last year’s Miss Georgia and still maintain she should have been one of the top choices for Miss World 2011. Salome is very striking and elegant but I don’t think she has that traditional Miss World classic type of beauty. She could be a superb high fashion model though.


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