Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Miss World 2012 Review: Albania - Belgium

The 62nd Miss World will be crowned this Saturday, August 18th, at the Dongsheng Fitness Stadium Center in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. 116 amazing young ladies are competing to become the next Miss World. Ordos welcomed the girls with open arms and it seems like they are going all out to show the world what they can done. The stage is looking amazing and the opening ceremony looked fantastic with all the traditional dancers and the huge LED screens. I hope we will be treated with a grand and exciting final night. The contest was very long again... four weeks! I am sure the girls must be exhausted by now but I also know it has been a fantastic experience for them. It was hard to follow the contest at times as the girls rarely wear their sashes. To know who's who, you have to be able to either recognize them or be able to decipher what's written on those small name tags. The groups is so strong this year, though, that it is almost impossible to say who will be the next Miss World. There are so many gorgeous and deserving young ladies and I wish them all good luck and the very best in life!!!

*****   In the running for a spot in the top 7
****     Potential top 15 semi-finalist
***       Could be in the top 30
**        Will possibly miss the cut
*          Very likely to miss the cut

Here's what I thought:

ALBANIA: Floriana Gano ***
Floriana is absolutely gorgeous and I thought that she’d do very well at Miss World. She has a look that usually works well at Miss World. I am shocked that she went unnoticed in the challenge events. So, I guess a great interview and a decent BWAP project are here best hopes to crack the top 30. It would be a shame if she is not even in the top 30.

ANGOLA: Edmilza Santos **
Edmilza worked hard after not being able to attend last year’s pageant. She arrived super prepared and was ready to fight for some attention. Initially, I didn’t rate her chances at all but she looked super groomed and elegant throughout her time in China. She also got a fair bit of attention in the challenge events which could make her leave more favored African beauties behind and become one of the girls from Africa who do the best.

ARGENTINA: Josefina Herrera **
Josefina is only 17 years old and at times it showed that she was very raw. She is a lovely young lady though and having made the cut in Beach Beauty and Top Model, it could mean that she is included in the top 30. However, if last year’s gorgeous delegate from her country did not make it, then I’d be surprised if she does.

ARUBA: Lucianette Verhoeks **
At times, I was so impressed by her exotic beauty and then at other times I felt disappointed when seeing candids of her. She has not made much of an impact in the fast-tracks either so I guess this will not be Aruba’s year.

AUSTRALIA: Jessica Kahawaty ******
Jessica came super prepared and from her facebook entries it seems that she is also matched with the right attitude. She is gorgeous, elegant, and it seems like she has loved the experience. I have read comments that she has looked tired at times but come one… the girls are there for four weeks and the schedule is exhausting. When it matters, she’ll be perfect. I think she’s one of the top contenders for the crown.

AUSTRIA: Amina Dagi **
Amina was my top favorite for the Miss Austria title and I had high hopes for her. I am a little disappointed though because she did not stand out much at Miss World. Maybe it’s her youthful inexperience and poor styling choices but something was definitely lacking.

BAHAMAS: Daronique Young *
Daronique seems like a lovely girl but in this strong group it is a tough fight. She did well to get noticed in Talent and Top Model. Not this year for the Bahamas BUT watch out for them next year!!!

BARBADOS: Marielle Wilkie *
Marielle did well in the sports challenge event but other than that, she has gone largely unnoticed. I just don’t see her beating more favored girls from her region like Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Guadeloupe… but who knows… Miss World is FULL of surprises.

BELARUS: Yuliya Skalkovich **
Here is another girl who is so naturally beautiful but has gone totally unnoticed and failed to make cut in any of the challenge events. This country usually sends stunning girls but they just get lost in the crowd usually. Maybe they should try to step it up in terms of preparing their girls for the competition.

BELGIUM: Laura Beyne ***

I love this girl and if it was up to me, she would have probably been in the top 15. She is super cute and always looks amazing. Sadly, she seems to not have been given much attention by the challenge event judges and will probably end up as another Belgian beauty who got overlooked at Miss World… but I really hope she uses the experience she gains here to shine at Miss Universe.

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