Friday, August 10, 2012

Miss World 2012: Blast from the Past (8/10)

This year's Blast from the Past Special takes us back to 1992. It was a year when the Miss World Pageant would once again become a spectacular extravaganza after the disastrous edition the previous year in Atlanta, Georgia. Sun City, South Africa hosted the event. The girls travelled all over South Africa and the live final was an amazing African affair that is still considered one of the best Miss World Pageants ever.
Glorious Claire: Twenty years ago, Miss United Kingdom, Claire Smith, was the joint favorite
to win the 1992 Miss World title. Claire finished in second place, just one point behind the winner,
Miss Russia. She laster returned to host Miss World 2001 and Miss World 2002. The United Kingdom
has not had a Miss World titleholder since 1983. Can they do it again this year? It seems that they have
a very good shot with Miss Wales, Sophie Moulds, who is one of the hottest favorites to wear the blue crown.


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