Thursday, August 2, 2012

Miss World 2012: Beach Beauty Top 40

The 40 semi-finalists of tomorrow's Beach Beauty Challenge Event have been announced. Congratulations to the following delegates:

Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Colombia, Equatorial Guinea, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Nigeria, India, Italy, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Cyprus, Indonesia, Jamaica, Sweden, Japan, Philippines, Nepal, Latvia, Guadeloupe, Mongolia, Martinique, Portugal, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Kazakhstan, China, Wales, Vietnam, Ukraine, Fiji, Guatemala, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Poland, South Sudan, and Australia.

Photos and Information:

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  1. Netherlands is a fraud! Nice and beautiful girl full of lies concerning her participating, everything is made up by her National Director of the Miss Nl Org. and herself. Beautiful from inside and out does certainly not count for this girl! She was already in many other pageants and certainly never in Miss NL, her first pageant ever was Miss Benelux in 2009 for the title of Miss Earth NL. Good luck for Miss NL, but we do hope Miss World does their work on their delegates and National Directors!