Saturday, August 18, 2012

Miss China is Miss World 2012

The 62nd Miss World has just been crowned. The home favorite Miss China, Wenxia Yu (23) beat 115 other beauties to be crowned Miss World 2012. The 1.77m beauty will now spend the next year representing the Miss World Organization and the Beauty With A Purpose Charity around the world. The first runner-up was Miss Wales, Sophie Moulds, and the second runner-up was Miss Australia, Jessica Kahawaty. The delegates from Brazil, India, Jamaica, and South Sudan compeleted the top 7.
Misses Kenya, Indonesia, United States, Netherlands, United States, Philippines, Spain, and England made it to the 15.
As the evening progressed several challenge event winners were named. Miss South Sudan was named Miss World Top Model. The Miss World Beach Fashion title went to Wales while Sweden was the Miss World Sports winner. Miss India was named the inaugaral winner of Miss World Multimedia and also the winner of the Beauty With A Purpose Award. China was named Miss World Talent.
The regional winners are:
Queen of Africa: South Sudan
Queen of Americas: Brazil
Queen of Asia: China
Queen of Caribbean: Jamaica
Queen of Europe: Wales

China was the leader on our Stairway to the Crown versions 1 - 4 and for the very last one we put Wales in first place and China in second place. China IS a deserving winner but it also feels quite wrong that the Chinese delegate won again in China. It just feels like the crown was bought. Already the uproar against her win has begun. It's a shame really because she is an amazing girl.

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  1. When London was the home of Miss World, many Miss UKs were crowned Miss World at home, similarly Miss USA @ MU. China is now like a home away from home for MW. Julia is doing all she can to keep MW alive even after she is unable to run things. The contestants spent 5 week living in luxury in China and it came at a cost- the crown.

    Based on the interview I thought South Sudan would be announced as winner but it seem the choice was long made.