Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Miss USA 2012... Call Me Maybe

After the amazing 2011 telecast, I was really looking forward to what dick clark productions had in store for us for 2012. Now, here's the truth: I was left slightly disappointed. It was nearly as edgy as the 2011 show but if I had to rate it on a scale of 1 - 10, I'd give it a 8 where as I'd rate the 2011 show a 9.5! Of course, it was still a stellar production but I was really missing the creative edge the 2012 show had.

Here is a summary of what I liked and did not like about this year's pageant:


The very first thing and probably my biggest irritation about the fashion show they started the show with was that parts of it were quite tacky. If you put on a fashion show, at least ensure that the clothes the girls get to wear is high fashion. Most of the clothes were quite dated. I like the High End Glamor collection and especially the High Glam - Rockstar collection. The rest of the outfits were quite forgettable.

* I think there was a tiny mistake during the fashion show. It seemed like Olivia Culpo, Miss Rhode Island (who would go on to win Miss USA) came out too early... at the same time as Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monin (this year's controversy girl). But Olivia handled it so well that it was barely noticable. That's the kind of composure that made her win too. She's just such a natural on stage.

This year they got rid of that annoying Fan Rating Meter they had last year and that was a great decision. They should have brought back showing scores. I don't like it when scores are not shown. It just makes more sense to show scores. It brings greater transparency to the whole thing. The twitter comments were nice though.

The last thing I MUST mention is that whoever styled Miss Universe, Leila Lopes, should be fired. She is Miss Universe for pete's sake and this is Miss USA. Make her look like a Miss Universe, not like Miss Cabbage Patch.


Even though I hated most of the outfits they used in the fashion show, I liked that they actually started with something different than the regular introductions. It's always nice to see something different, even if it was already used in prior editions of the pageant.

I LOVE ANDY AND GUILIANA!!! They just have such great chemisty. It's so much fun to watch them present together. They are both pros and they have amazing energy. I want to see them present Miss Universe together!!!

The stage was quite good this year. It is still same old, same old... but it looked big and sleek. They chose wonderful music too. It made the show fun to watch.

The Dick Clark tribute was very nicely done and it was a touching tribute to the amazing Mr. Clark who was a great host of the pageant.

I loved the evening gown competition with its Grecian theme. It had a throwback surprise and a tribute to the old school themed segments that we used to see in the good old days. It was still modern and tasteful, not tacky 80s kitch.

I really enjoyed the final look of the contestants. The song America's Most Wanted fit in very nicely. It just worked and I enjoyed seeing the girls interact with the musician. Once, again it was a nice reminder to die hard pageant fans of the pageants of years gone by.

Alyssa Campanella's final walk was also great. She looked amazing and her speech was beautiful. It was a very touching moment and not too rushed.

It was just so much fun and it was really the highlight of the show. I absolutely LOVED it and I think the organization should try and do something fun and special like this every year. I will never forget Miss USA: Call Me Maybe!

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