Sunday, July 29, 2012

Connecticut wins Miss Teen USA 2012

18 year old Logan West, Miss Connecticut Teen USA, was crowned the 30th Miss Teen USA earlier this evening at the Atlantis Paradise Resort in the Bahamas. She succeeds Danielle Doty from Texas. West beat 50 other teenagers from all over the United States to become her state's first Miss Teen USA. The runner-up was Miss West Virginia Teen USA, Elizabeth Sabatino, and the second runner-up was Miss Michigan Teen USA,  Courtney Pizzimente. Oklahoma's Jessica Morgan was named the third runner-up while Ohio's Kendall Fein was named the fourth runner-up.
The delegates from South Carolina, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York, Alabama, Hawaii, Illinois, Utah, Georgia, Wyoming, and Kansas were part of the final 16 who got to compete in the swimsuit and evening gown competitions before being eliminated. Miss Oklahoma Teen USA, Jessica Morgan, was also named Miss Photogenic, while Miss Vermont Teen USA, Karsen Woods, was named Miss Congeniality.
I'm happy with the choice of winner... she was my second favorite. Once again, Delaware was totally robbed. This state must have the unluckiest sash to wear. Their girls get robbed so often. There were quite a few strange choices in the top 15 but I guess that's the name of the game in Teen pageants, especially Miss Teen USA. Only 6 of my top 16 choices made the cut, so the judges and I were obviously on different planets. It was nice to see the clips of the previous pageants to mark the pageant's 30th anniversary but it was also a reminder of how much the Miss Teen USA Pageant has gone downhill... from an event broadcast on network television to a low budget affair that's not even held in the United States. The Miss Universe Organization need to try a little bit harder to regain some of the prestige of the pageant as there are other teen pageants that are starting to equal or better them. But first they should find a venue for the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant!!!!!!!

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  1. Perhaps Delaware did not interview well and that is why she did not make the cut as she was certainally very pretty.